A small introduction

Hi Everyone,

After many years on a different hosting site I have decided to jump swim and join the Blogger Community. Its taken a while for the penny to drop but I've slowly started to realise that most UK fishing blogs use this platform, and it would make more sense to be a part of it.

I'm an enthusiastic bass angler who at times can get quite obsessed with it all despite some really poor results in recent years. To give you an example last year I had to wait until December before I caught my one and only bass of 2015! This also gives you some indication of my abilities as well.

So if you hope to drop-in and read of tales of bass filled trips you will only be disappointed but what you may find is someone who absolutely loves his fishing and for some strange reason wants to share it with you lot.

Under the title of  'Reminiscences of a fool' I am going to re-blog some of my older posts that I hope you enjoy and any comments or feedback would be very welcome.

Tight lines all.


Most bites...