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Like a warm summers evening

Walking down the track I just couldn't believe how warm it was for November, and when I turned the corner the sea and conditions almost felt like a summers evening, admittedly not the conditions you associate with bass but I really couldn't turn down the opportunity to be out and just enjoy the night.

I decided for some strange reason to fish away from the groynes further West towards the point, not sure why really as for the first half hour or so I was sorely tempted to move back to where I was fishing last week. This spot has slightly more tidal flow and is maybe just a tad deeper. Bait was whole squid and fished close in as usual with the one rod.

For over an hour as the tide slowly creeped its way in I didn't receive a touch, but it felt different. Maybe it was the warm night I don't know, but it felt positive. Putting the rod down in the rest to put a jumper on was a signal for the reel to go into meltdown... why does this happen so often? By the time I picked up …

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