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Slowly losing the seasons glow

Not many updates from me recently, but there are only so many times you can post a blank. Although the year is by no means over the embers of the season are starting to lose their glow with each passing trip. Looking back through my blog I've had some good years and bad years, so this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. But it doesn't stop me from being disappointed. Numbers wise I've done alright, but landing nothing over 4.5lb has made we fearful for the state of our local bass stocks. Of course a final flurry could change everything, but over time you build up knowledge and techniques that work, if the bass are there - and this year they haven't been. I have yet to write off this year completely as I've done ok in November, and December occasionally produces the odd decent bass as well. Going to try some neap tides this weekend and at different tide states just to see if that's where they've been hiding. If I don't blank again I will keep you po

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