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Happy 2019

Another year passes without reaching my dream of a 10lb bass, in fact I didn't feel I was even getting close. However looking back its been my best year for numbers and in particular, the high numbers of bass between 5-6lb.

It all started at the beginning of the year when I finally got into lure fishing, and kept it going throughout the summer as I was having success. I know! The largest on lure was around 3lb with plenty below that size. Most were harbour fish caught on a particular stretch and state of the tide and great fun at night during the hot summer we had.

I do wonder if I should have continued with the method through to early winter but a succession of large bass to 8.5lb (largest caught by my brother in law) meant I dropped the lures for squid and mackerel and concentrated on the shore. I do recall one daylight session when I had a lure fisherman to my left and another bait fisherman to my right and I was the only one to catch while I was there, so I did feel slightly…

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