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We are outside the circle

I walked into the tackle shop and was passing time discussing how bad the fishing was when the owner took me aside, removed a well thumbed tide book from behind the counter and explained how the new and full moon tide heights were out of sync this summer. With infectious enthusiasm, he went on to explain that in September they will revert back to normal. He then paused, before engaging me with a steely stare and stated confidently, 'and so will the bass'. 'Excellent, I'm always on the look out for new excuses,' I jokingly replied. 'Gary,' he had an enviable memory for remembering names, 'this is not an excuse, its based on over 20 years of diaries'. Lets not forget bass fishing is a serious business. Currently I'm inside the circle for up to 6 weeks with at least one broken rib. While being examined by the nurse I regretfully swore, he stopped and said, 'well I can confirm you have broken at least one'. It happened while taking home my ve

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