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'This place of mine never is entered'

I have a lure fishing spot that I have mentioned before. Its quite special to me as it was where I caught my first soft plastic bass many years ago (that's the lure not the bass!) It was then I realised it was possible, they do work and you don't have to live in Cornwall. Prior to Covid it appeared I was the only person who fished there and although far from prolific I could usually manage up to 10 small bass a year. During Covid, occasionally I would see another angler but it still felt as if this was 'my' spot. Todays trip however was really disappointing as during my two hours I was there another three anglers joined me. Such a shame as it now feels very different and I will need to go at more unsociable times to continue to enjoy its tranquillity alone. This morning I was too early in the building spring cycle and no fished showed - it appeared no one else was having success either.

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