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Just a quick update as I haven't posted for a while, although if you want to read about bass caught - then you may want to skip this entry now as fishing always has a way to bring you down with a bump. After my lucky March bass I've been out on a few trips and nothing, although if I'm honest as we're still in April, its not unexpected!

The lure rod and new reel (all for less than £60) have been great and a real delight to use in and around my local harbours. On my last trip I may have received a tentative enquiry when I switched over to the speed worm but I have the feeling I'm still about 4 weeks away before I'm in with a realistic chance. Brother in law Rob on the Island has been out countless times bait fishing having lost a bass at least the size of mine at his feet, with similar results to me.

I have pondered about using baits in the harbour along my spot early next year as I have a feeling I may have just missed an early run of female bass coming in to la…

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