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Way too early, rubbish tide and it wouldn't stop raining, but it didn't matter as I was going to go fishing. The forecast said the rain would stop at 4, and they were right. So I was off like a shot just in case it should change its mind. This year I'm hoping to do a lot more trips with the lure rod, with the plan to have it made up in the car for whenever an opportunity arises.

I'm also planning to try lure fishing after dark, so with that in mind, todays trip was all about experimenting with a 5" white senko. During the morning I had already set the rod up weedless style but decided to add a small lead cone to aid casting, and was soon casting and working along the almost mirror flat shore line. Trying out different rod positions definitely altered the worms depth and action slightly, but it didn't give me that feeling when you see a lure working really well. So I sat down using the beach slope as a back rest and watched the tide slowly creep in.

The soft ac…

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