So close

The loss of a good fish always hurts, and coupled with a lack of sleep from chasing the tides over the last two nights, it has put me in a proper hump. Four good runs, connected with two and landed one - I suppose about an average return. However my problem is I'm fishing very close to some snags and the bass are behaving like chub and know exactly where to run.

The lost one played with the bait for a while,  its bite feeling very much like a very young schoolie almost Pollack like. Then bang and it went on its run forcing the rod into a lovely curve as the bass kept deep and strong, I thought I had kept it away from the snag but I could feel something wasn't right as it continued to fight deep.

After a minute or so the bass started to tire from its initial runs and I started to get into position to land it when the rod went lifeless in my hand. Its why we do it but the feeling of complete loss when you lose a good-un is so hard to take. The line on inspection had scrapped along the snag until it parted and I could feel the abrasion along the remaining hook link.

I've been back and managed to hook and land its smaller cousin which may have scrapped 3lb and I'm planning to go again early tomorrow morning if I can stay awake. I'm determined to find a way to increase my success at this spot as they are there and its not very often you can say that in my neck of the woods!


Most bites...