My heart and sole wasn't really in it

I suggested having a go for sole with a forum friend while waiting for the better tides at the end of the week, and a date and time was agreed for last night. We meet at the car park for 7 and made our way to a spot that has produced in the past. Despite a wind that was refusing to follow the weather man's instruction it was very warm and humid and I was regretting the extra layers when we eventually arrived at our spot.

Soon we had our baits out but it didn't take long to realise that the weed was going to be a problem but I will give Richard his due, despite his dislike for the stuff his work rate through the night was incredible and he never stopped baiting, weeding and recasting all night. As for me I soon got fed up with the constant weed covered baits so I reverted to one rod fished close with a lump of mackerel.

Well despite the poor tide the bass were there but (I hope) they were small and I had many smash and grab attempts before I finally nailed one at 19" (around 3 lbs) I must say it really did punch above its weight and gave a really good account for itself.
 photo WP_20160828_21_01_51_Pro.jpg

Richard deserved better and ended up with a handful of pups and a couple of pout. My new rig still needs some fine tuning but I think I'm one step closer and hope to get out again to night to see what happens.


Most bites...