Pity no one told the bass

Walking along I could see the spot I wanted was occupied by a group of middle-aged tinsel chuckers so I sat back from a respectful distance and waited, hoping it wouldn't be long before they departed as the sun was dropping fast.

Just as they were starting to make noises to leave one of the party reeled in a string of mackerel from the gathering gloom, starting them all off again in a last cast attempt to add to there earlier catch. Eventually they left and I could hear them laughing in the distance as they made there way back to their cars.

Now I was alone with just the peace and quiet. It didn't take long to hook up some recently caught mackerel and gently lob it out into the shore margins, no need for long rods and tripods here just a 9ft carp stalking rod and a chair to look after the old back. One of the advantages of a shorter rod is that it all can be set up prior to fishing as it easily fits into the car so fishing time is maximised.

I sat back in the chair holding the rod resting against my folded leg and soaked up the atmosphere. Hot, humid and windless is not usually great for bass fishing but in the middle of the night its great just to be there. A couple of young lads appeared to my left to enjoy the night and maybe talk about there recent A level results but as the conversation was very quiet I don't think they were celebrating.

After nearly 4 hours without a touch I decided enough was enough and packed up just before high, great night but just a pity no one told the bass.


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