The day after the storm

A good tide coupled with a predicted dropping wind after a bit of an unseasonable storm, and a day off to coincide. Happy days. I decided on a change of venue as I wanted to fish a spot where the waves would have been hammering into the shoreline for the last 18 hours and fish it up for 4 hours. When I arrived I was very surprised to find no one fishing.

Quickly set up with my early Christmas present, a Sonik 13ft rod as the conditions required a heavier lead, but it was so nearly a quick return home as before I had even wetted a line the wind picked the rod from the tripod and crashed it down onto the shingle. Thankfully no damage done.

Fished as close as the weed would allow with mackerel for 4 hours before I received my one and only knock. Holding the rod and using the tripod as a resting point the line tighten and the bass started to play with the mackerel just as 3 large waves decided to make an appearance. The mackerel which was kept back just in case I ran out of bait just didn't want to stay on the hook and the large waves meant I lost direct contact with the bite and one last final knock signalled the end.

Such a shame.


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