Wet 'n wild

My recent success has come from a spot that has produced bites at various points up to high. The best being 5 hours after low, so ignoring the weather I set off hoping for a repeat of my June/July success. When I got there the conditions were poor with the new wind blowing weed on to the shoreline and the now relentless rain getting heavier by the minute.

Nothing ventured and all that so I was quickly set-up and fishing fresh mackerel as close as the building waves would allow.  Holding the rod to keep the line high and to feel for any early knocks I noticed another two fools about 3/4 of a mile away packing up, looked like they had had enough.

Due to recent missed runs and the location I'm fishing I've been trying out some new rigs with signs that I may be getting close. Hate to be secretive but I'm going to keep this under wraps at the moment as I've not read of this approach anywhere and it would be good to have an edge, all I needed now were some bites.

Well I waited until high but decided enough was enough as I hadn't had a touch and the wind despite  what the weather man claimed was getting stronger. I didn't realise quite how heavy the rain had been as walking back there was water everywhere.

The one thing to come out of the trip was my new headlamp by Suaoki (I will check the spelling later.) I've been looking for a while to replace my humble torch and I think maybe the wait was worth it. Its very light all housed in a small barrel that turns so the light can point down to where you are working, plus you can spin the light within the barrel to have an immediate red filter. It is also splash proof, rechargeable via a supplied USB lead and costs less than a tenner including postage!

Its funny how there is normally something positive from a bad trip!


Most bites...