You should've been here yesterday

'Mackerel are every where,' 'its just like Chesil down there' well not when I go. Over the years despite my efforts I always seem to miss the mackerel shoals, 'you should have been here yesterday' seems to be a common theme. So far this year hasn't been any different. I've managed 3 trips with just 5 mackerel to show for my efforts and looking out the window it doesn't look today will be any different with a strong gusting wind that refuses to settle.

Good fresh bait after location is essential for giving you the best chance especially later in the year after a summer of plenty. Over the last few years mackerel have been really hard to find so we've been using some rather dubious frozen mackerel that once defrosted almost disintegrate on your hook. Interestingly I've read that depending on what the mackerel have been feeding on will affect the quality of the flesh? Could explain a few thing maybe?

I'm hoping next weeks weather will help to concentrate the shoals again and maybe I will get lucky and bag a few. I do hope so.


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