A tale of two trips

Went yesterday morning and left the house surrounded in fog. I'm sure I've read that fog is not the best conditions to be fishing for bass but it didn't matter as I was on my way. Soon I was fishing the usual and enjoying the slightly ethereal conditions.

Bites started around 7.15 which was over an hour before I expected them, but I wasn't complaining! The trouble was I couldn't make any of them stick so just to make sure I scaled down to a small piece of mackerel and was soon into a spirited bass of around 4lb+. After that not a touch so made my way home.

Last night I pondered whether I should go again this morning and decided that if I should wake up then I would go. Well 6am arrived and as I was awake, I thought I may as well. On arrival the conditions were much better with a slight westerly giving the sea a nice chop. I fished through the new bite time, not a touch, the traditional bite time, still not a touch and stayed on for a later than normal bite time, but once again never had a touch.

I did wonder if yesterdays bass may have been the same fish trying to take my bait over 30 minutes or so, and after this morning I think I may have been right.


Most bites...