October bass? Lets hope so

A slight knock dead on high turned out to be another marauding crab, there must have been thousands all along the shore line and all a good size. Surely bass would be working along this shoreline and taking advantage of natures natural larder? Well for just over 4 hours along my bit of the beach I can say they were not. Richard has been out and about and has similar success which is all a bit frustrating so it looks like October may be the month when the bass visit our shores again. But who knows and all a bit disappointing after such a good start to the year.

As well as crabs I was pestered by some early whiting and after one managed to impale itself on a 6/0 I decided to use it as live bait. Apart from one short excited run nothing came of it so it was returned to join the shoals of thousands that are just around the corner waiting to join us in the next few weeks. Reports of large bass have also been unusually quiet on all the local forums so I don't think it just me, unless they're keeping quiet to avoid social media poaching, how times have changed.

Just as a passing note I've stumbled across another new way of attaching mackerel to the hook and gave it a good trial last night and it all looks promising, now I just need some October bass to help test it.


Most bites...