Has been an interesting last few days. I decided to take some time off work to coincide with the big springs and it started off really well with the 9lb+ bass, but then enthusiasm took over and I fished 3 tides on the trot. Every now and then we get a reminder that we are not as young as we used to be and this was another one.

The 3rd trip was with Richard and although the conditions were great I struggled to fish it well. There were fish to be had and looking back I now wonder if I should have changed my tactics to the size of the bass we encountered (all around the 2 1/2 to 3lb mark) and maybe touched legered with the one rod. That night we ended up with 3 bass between us - it wasn't that long ago I would have been delighted but maybe a combination of tiredness and determination to bag a big one meant I went home a little bit disappointed.

I gave the next day a rest but the following night fished another spot. Conditions and the big tide meant it wasn't easy fishing and I missed a couple of runs but on the plus side was left with a feeling that they were small (... I hope!)

Unfortunately back to work tomorrow but I'm wondering if I should sneak in one more trip tonight?


Most bites...