6 Bass in one session!

That's not a title I expect to see again.

Earlier in the week I arranged with Richard to meet-up on Thursday night to target bass. Well Thursday came and so did the wind, in fact if it wasn't for the fact we didn't want to let either down I'm not sure we would have bothered.

'We can only give it a go,' was Richard exclamation when we both surveyed the sea in front of us, but ever the optimist as we made our way to our mark I said, 'I think tonight is going to be a good one.' Although in truth I think I say that every time we go!

Both of us fished the one rod each barely 20 yards apart with Richard fishing out a bit further than me allowing him to use the rest. I on the other hand fished close so had to hold the rod high to avoid the weed-carrying waves from covering the line and dragging my bait shore bound.

Just as I was starting to doubt my sanity I had a typical schoolie type knock that was obviously having trouble with the size of my bait. A quick re-cast with a smaller bit of mackerel brought the right result and I was soon bringing in a spirited bass of around 2 1/2lb. Over the following hour we both went on to experience action that doesn't come along very often, and ended up with 6 bass between us with the largest over 3lb (19").

Unfortunately it wasn't Richards night, after hooking into the best bass of the night it came off. Gutting and isn't it often the case when things aren't going your way? A good night though with numbers of bass caught, albeit smaller than set out for, making it an entertaining session. I know its helped to re-ignite my enthusiasm and I think it may have done the same for Richard.


Most bites...