... it can still come good

'Don't put anymore mackerel in the freezer without getting rid of that old shit.'

She had a point, some of it had been in there for years and was almost mummified through freezer burn, so I decided to have a clear out and use it all for ground-bait. Obviously I wasn't allowed to leave it in the house while it was defrosting so I took it outside and left the yellow mummified pile on the garden table.

When I went to it pick up to leave for todays trip, even the flies weren't interested in it...

I took this week off to coincide with the spring tides and even though I managed 6 bass it wasn't what I was really hoping for in terms of size. Last year was great, but this year I don't think I've broken the 4lb barrier; my largest this week was around 3 1/2lb. My growing lack of optimism for todays trip wasn't helped this morning in the local tackle shop either, 'where do you think I should try today,' I asked, ' You tell us' was there encouraging reply.

There has been some highlights, four of the bass have come from lures off the top which has been great fun and definitely a technique that after years of trying I will now continue to use with growing confidence. Its been great fishing the early mornings with just a rod and a bag working along the shore, although the old back and shoulder wouldn't necessarily agree.

On another trip but this time with bait, an old spot of mine came up trumps with two bass at just over 20". One of which decided it wanted to be a salmon and leapt clear of the water before charging straight back towards me. Anyway back to todays trip, not a lot happened really and although I only went because I'm back at work tomorrow, I did put in a good effort. I did miss one snatched bite which I'm hoping was another schoolie unable to take half a mackerel.

I've booked another week off in October so all is not lost as I'm still hopeful that this year will come good.


Most bites...