Apologies as I'm having a bit of a moan. There are times when I wonder why I put myself through this, and I know I'm not alone as this can be an incredibly frustrating pastime. Like all of us who like to specialise I try to stack the odds in my favour. One of the ways I do this is to keep a log of decent bass caught which is surprisingly few in my area, and record time and place etc. I then use my own observations and results to help me to build up a picture of there movements. So armed with the knowledge I went out on the last couple of tides with a real sense of confidence that I could be in the right area at the right time.

Conditions felt right and I fished well through two sets of tides without a touch from anything decent. I suppose my frustration is that this is happening after a poor year for me, as two blanks is nothing unusual - but this is the time for the results to happen and if I'm not careful I may miss out this year. I wrote on a local forum that maybe I should just man-up and except it, but the trouble is I can't!

Tonight I'm back out again and already feeling surprisingly confident, but what I'm really hoping for is a set of big winds to come through to help stir it all up a bit and then who knows what could happen?


Most bites...