It's not going according to plan

They're getting smaller! For those who don't want to read all the rubbish stuff, I will save you the bother - caught a small one at just over 2lb.

Wednesday 22nd - fished the tide up as the storm was building. Amazing conditions to be out in and at a venue that I've never fished before in that strength of wind. The tide wasn't great (end of a set of neaps) which was a shame as it felt right for a good-un. Packed up on high without a touch for 4 hours.

Friday 24th - Post storm, fished in near flat calm conditions. Dispensed with my usual one rod held approach, and opted for a bit of lazy fishing sat behind two rods gently nodding to the tune of the soft sea. Received the usual aborted runs from this venue until I managed to snag one at 17". Looked a really young fish and very lean for the time of year but it was nice to have a bend in the rod all the same.

Conclusion - haven't a clue what's happening to be honest. Fridays trip didn't feel right throughout but Wednesday was the one. I do feel that if the bass were on that tide I would have got one. The one positive is I've learnt that I can fish this venue in very strong winds right over high, and by using a gripper I'm able to hold in the feeding zone for long enough to make it worth while.

December bass? Lets hope so.


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