Like a warm summers evening

Walking down the track I just couldn't believe how warm it was for November, and when I turned the corner the sea and conditions almost felt like a summers evening, admittedly not the conditions you associate with bass but I really couldn't turn down the opportunity to be out and just enjoy the night.

I decided for some strange reason to fish away from the groynes further West towards the point, not sure why really as for the first half hour or so I was sorely tempted to move back to where I was fishing last week. This spot has slightly more tidal flow and is maybe just a tad deeper. Bait was whole squid and fished close in as usual with the one rod.

For over an hour as the tide slowly creeped its way in I didn't receive a touch, but it felt different. Maybe it was the warm night I don't know, but it felt positive. Putting the rod down in the rest to put a jumper on was a signal for the reel to go into meltdown... why does this happen so often? By the time I picked up the rod the run had finished but I'm now sure these hit-and-runs are coming from juvenile bass, so I wasn't too disappointed.

Another 20 minutes past and I received an altogether different take, soft and sort of mumbly, and after a couple of strange runs reeled in a dogfish of about a 1lb. Wasn't expecting that and hope I don't see one again for a while. Again another 20 minutes past, and again the rod was back in the rest while I was preparing the next bait when I got a proper run. The rod bent right over and the reel screamed but on picking up the rod, it stop. Reeling in I found the reason why, the squid had turned on the bend of the hook masking the point.

I carried on for another hour or so thinking that maybe I missed my chance but got a consolation schoolie of about 2lb at last knockings. I must say for such a small fish it put up a hell of a fight. That was it for the night and still nothing to write home about (but blog update worthy!) Is it possible that the seasons have been delayed and the bigger bass will be around in December this year?

When I got back in the car at 21.45 the temperature read 12c - amazing.


Most bites...