October update

As mentioned in my last update I had another week off in October to hopefully sort my bass year out. Here is a breakdown of my trips during that week:

19/10 - Fished a day mark in blustery conditions with my sisters partner Rob. Now Rob is an excellent fisherman who had yet to experience bass fishing in the uk so it was a chance for him to see how its done (with luck!) Conditions looked great and I was hopeful that we would be able to pull out a few schoolies, but as the time ticked past it wasn't looking great. Normally on this mark I pack up just after high as I've had no success on the ebbing tide but I asked Rob if he wanted to stay on as all the conditions pointed to us at least getting a bite.

Thankfully Rob said yes because within 10 minutes of deciding to stay he was in! After a slightly disappointing battle he was soon proudly holding for the camera a bass of around 3.4lb. Quickly returned, baits went back out with us holding our rods high due to the build-up of weed and a building wind. Again another 10 minutes past and he was into another, slightly smaller and about 3lb(19")

This was a great result and I couldn't have been more happy for Rob - but I did happen to mention that if they were to get any bigger then he might have to walk home! I managed to miss one take during all this activity due to me walking up and talking to Rob which meant I lost contact with the run at the beginning, frustrating as well because when I did make contact it had all the hallmarks of a better one.

20/10 - Back out again on my own, a different deeper mark but this time the wind had really picked up gusting to around 25knots. Although I haven't reported all my sessions I have started to experiment with fishing in these rough conditions and the effort is starting to pay off. I felt I was fishing well and using a combination of a grip lead and a running ledger paternoster style has really helped. No action on the flood but missed a big hit on squid on the ebb which I'm still upset about now.

22/10 - Back to the shallower mark from the 19th to compare fishing conditions as the wind was still gusting around 24 knots, again nothing on the flood but an hour after high picked up a nice bass that measured 21"

05/11 - I've added this to save another post. Fished up and over and despite strong sunshine the conditions looked right for a bass or two. It was one of those trips where you expect something good to happen as it all felt right but apart from loads of missed schoolie runs nothing to report.

Interesting to note on 3 of the 4 trips I was plagued by schoolies who would run with the bait before letting go. Great for the future of the sport but not good for the heart as they can give a fantastic impression of a proper bass at times!


Most bites...