When they are not supposed to be there

Well this is turning out to be a great month. Went last night to check a spot tide-down, now sometimes you have to put yourself out just to check that the bass are not there during a particular state of the tide, even when everything is telling you they shouldn't. So it was with some effort I dragged my self out to check.

When I arrived though it all felt very different. I remember thinking even if I don't catch what a glorious night to be out in. It was one of those glorious flat calm nights where every sound is magnified and all your senses are on high alert. My bait had only been in for 10 minutes when it started to receive some attention, and to make a long story short this continued with every cast for the next 3 hours or so.

What was strange was just how finicky the bites were, normally you may get the odd one in a session that will play around with the bait, but this was on every cast and some of them felt huge! I managed to hook up 2 bass, one around 4lb and a larger one at 6lb, both gave a great account of themselves with the 6lb making full use of the undertow created by a passing boat. In fact the fight just got stronger and stronger the longer it went on - great stuff.


Most bites...