Christmas cheer

'What are you doing?'

'I'm putting it back,' I replied.

'That's a keeper that is'

'I know,' and tried to turn my back, 'I don't keep them.'

I don't know where these dog walkers come from, but as soon as you catch they appear. This one didn't seem too happy as he walked away.

Twenty minutes earlier I had been bemoaning about the state of my squid - it was pulpy yellow mush. It looked ok when I removed it from the freezer so I can only assume its been refrozen many times and somehow escaped freezer burn. So I was sat back and thinking well at least its not raining anymore so just enjoy this December chance.

The rod bounced in the rest to what I thought was a combination of a large wave and a helping of weed dumping on the line but as I was scanning the shoreline the rod kept bouncing. Picking up the rod the bass shot off to my right and fought well amongst the waves until I was able to beach it in front of my dog walking friend.

Roughly 2 1/2lb quickly unhooked and released. A fresh squid was soon back out, but not before another dog appeared and barked and howled next to me for a good 5 minutes while its owner watched from afar...

Half hour later, and this time I was holding the rod, the bait was picked up in a strong and determined fashion, the type you feel you couldn't miss, and I didn't! A better fight with the all the hallmarks of a better fish and I was soon unhooking a great conditioned bass of nearly 24" (about 5 3/4lb).

This one was returned without any interrogation.

Merry Christmas everyone


Most bites...