'Who ate all the pies?'

With the weather holding and my brother in law desperate to get out we got a chance today. Now I know todays weather is not the classic conditions you read about when trying to catch bass, but I've done quite well under bright sky's and no wind so was really looking forward to getting out again after my recent success.

Well it was tough going, we fished from 11am to 4pm with one bass for our efforts, once again it came in at just over 23 1/2" (5.5lb+) - and I know who ate all the mince pies this Christmas! What a chunky bugger, and it went like a train as well.

It's been interesting catching this class of bass this year as roughly 4 years ago I had a run of 3lb + bass that seemed to disappear. I'm fairly certain that these are the same year class returning along with an extra couple of pounds.

If they can stay uncaught they will make excellent targets in another 3 to 4 years.


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