What a way to test out a new rod and lure

Recently I've taken delivery of a new HTO lure rod hoping to make the work of using SPs a lot more efficient, and hopefully gain an extra yard or two. So this morning I fished the harbour from about 2 hours before high in conditions that were just about perfect with no wind, overcast and just a hint of rain in the air.

Initial impressions of the rod weren't great and I felt I wasn't getting any extra distance either, but being so light it was an absolute joy to use. On this mark as the tide rises you often see the bass and mullet move in, but not today and to be honest being so early in the year I wasn't really expecting to.

Around high I was trying out various SPs just to see how they work with the new set-up, when first cast on a new lure (Zoom Speed Worm in green pumpkin) just as I was starting my retrieve I felt a heavy thud and immediately behind my lure saw a large breach in the water. Bugger, at least that's a good sign, but then noticed my line was running from right to left - so quickly wound down to connect with a bass who clearly wanted this lure. Lady luck was really with me today.

A great fight on the new rod, however each time I brought it in to be beached it managed to find a new lease of life, and, seemed to be growing in size before my very eyes! Glad to finally land it and at 25" it's my lure caught PB bass at around 6.5lb. (although I wished I'd weighed her as she was a real chunky bugger)

Happy days!


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