It's why we do it.

Dawn revealed the harbour flat calm and midnight quiet. I found myself walking the weed line left behind from the last high tide so I didn't disturb anything.

Gentle first cast with a Dolive, wait for the ripples to subside and then slowly retrieve, then repeat. Slowly working towards and then away from features I receive a couple of tentative plucks, but nothing connected.

Changed to the wagasaki colour from pumpkin green to see if this was more to their liking, but nothing. Maybe I shouldn't have changed.

A lone jogger disturbed the silence with her rhythmic action, in the quiet of the harbour she sounded like the start of Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon. Most ethereal.

Later the sun illuminated the old and new buildings against a briefly dark and angry grey sky. By now the tide had receded to let me know it was time to return. Lovely

Not one of my pictures - courtesy of google and Helens Photomania


  1. You can,t beat being waterside when the sun comes up. Something quite magical about watching the sky lighten and the wildlife start to waken around any body of water whether lake, pond, river or sea....

    1. Thank you, couldn't agree more. Many thanks for passing by and the comment.


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