Fish one rod, and fish it well

Out last night with bait to see what was around. I nearly always use just the one rod, handheld and fished in close. So for some daft reason I chose to bring two rods and try to have a bit of a relaxing laid back, 'if-it-happens' type of session.

Once again the wind failed to drop as predicted, so I plumbed for my second choice of venue to keep out of the main wind (2nd mistake) but it soon became clear that the wind, waves and weed were not going to make this easy.

High tide came and went without a touch, so I thought I would give it half hour more.

With about 10 mins left I missed a bang on the left hand rod, so new baits went out with renewed enthusiasm. Over the course of the next hour I missed 5 runs from what I hope were small schoolies having trouble with the size of bait. I did try scaling down at one point on one of the rods, but that failed as well.

Would I have caught if I had been using just the one rod? I can't say for sure, but the old saying 'fish one rod and fish it well' was on my mind all the way home.


Most bites...