Bass Man Rob

Just a quick update. This morning was my 8th trip since my last blog entry and I haven't had a touch, nothing, nada. So when the alarm went off at silly o'clock it really was touch and go for a while, but eventually go won. Conditions on arrival didn't seem too bad with what looked like manageable weed close in.

I was soon into my well worked routine using mackerel close-in and holding the rod high, keeping as much line out of the water to reduce weed build-up. Once again not a lot was happening, but 20 mins after high I received a knock and a run. Bloody hell I forgot what that felt like! Frustratingly though the cast before was sent out at distance, so I had tightened my free-spool drag to counter act the extra pull of the tide and because I forgot to loosen it; the bass felt the resistance and let go.

Cursing my forgetfulness I loosened the drag and hoped the bass would return - it did. A similar knock and then the line zipped off the reel, but once again nothing connected. I reeled in to check the mackerel head, and found that the bait had been blown up the line past the hook (most likely from the first take) and then twisted back on itself, burying the hook point into the flesh...

I carried on for another hour or so, but nothing. Rob on the Island however can't seem to do much wrong, and he's had a succession of bass averaging 6lb with the best around 7lb. Well done Bass-man-Rob, and if you ever get round to reading this shite, I mean it, I really do.

...ish :)


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