At last

Well that was a barren spell, 12 trips or so for no return, apart from a couple of missed runs on bait that I was very unlucky not to connect with. However Sunday morning I was out and about again with the lure rod on a new mark (for lures) hoping my luck would change.

A few hours later I was making my way back to the car without a touch or sight of anything, but it was one of those mornings that just being out was enough. Walking up to a paddle border I had watched earlier, I asked him if he had seen anything, 'not a thing, and its as clear as a bell out there as well'.

Walking up to the car I notice a spit working out to the sea causing a real tide race as the tide was running from left to right. I'm not sure how I've missed this in the past but I couldn't leave without having a few casts. The power of the water was a real surprise and it felt 'right' but nothing appeared to be home as I tried various lures.

I've recently purchased a weedless SP top water lure, so I gave it a go just to see how the water pushed it over the spit, and was surprised when its first cast attracted half a dozen bass from nowhere. The only downsize was that the bass were the same size as the lure! I know we talk about matching the hatch but I was convinced nothing was around, so it's really brought home the message that I should try all types to provoke interest.

I kept casting making sure I was retrieving with the tide as much as I could when the rod stopped in its tracks. Weed was my first thought until it powered off using the strength of the tide. For a bass of just over 1 3/4lb it put up a great scrap. No pictures which was a shame as it was a real dark fish, but the beach was filling up with families and I wanted to keep everything as quiet as possible.

Funny how such a small fish, which if I had been catching would have barely got a mention, has a full blog dedicated to it!


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