Day 1 and 2

A quick update to the start of my 7 day campaign. I feel I've started the tide cycle just a bit too soon as both trips have resulted in blanks.

Day 1
Knowing it was still a small tide I went to my local lure spot for a few hours early Wednesday morning. The North Easterly wasn't great for that venue and apart from a couple of schoolie knocks not a touch or sighting

Day 2
Fished last night and was full of enthusiasm. You know the type, new rigs, camera battery fully charged etc. However despite good conditions not a touch for over 4 hours. It didn't help that after heavily baiting the area in front of me a couple of anglers with lighthouses attached to their foreheads set up 40yds to my right. Had to move away from the light show but I'm not sure the bass were out last night.

Hoped for a bit more action but the great news is the tides and weather are building nicely, plus more good news, it feels like the schoolies have finally moved out (fingers crossed).


Most bites...