Day 4 - bassing in the calm

What a contrast, last time out 40mph winds and gripper leads that wouldn't hold, and tonight as flat and calm as a swimming pool. Really kicking myself that I didn't go out the night before, but the forecast was so wrong leading up to it I just couldn't risk another night of wind and weed.

If I had gone, even though the wind turned northerly as forecasted, there would have been some fizz left in the water that was really lacking last night. Nice to be out though despite the chill, and even nicer when I ended up with a schoolie and a decent one at just 25" - making it around 6 - 6.5lb, almost dead on high. Strange fight for a bigger one as it kept itself on the top throughout and if I had lost it I would have assumed it was another over enthusiastic schoolie. Both bass on squid.

Anyone with theories why bite times can change each year? On this mark it used to be impossible to get a bite over high, but this year you can almost set your watch by it?


Most bites...