Day 5

Nearly 4 hours last night for the sum result of 2 missed runs. Unusually for me I fished with 2 rods, with one deployed at various distances just to see if I was missing anything further out. That rod never received a touch all night.

Just past high I had several fast hit-and-run hits from a schoolie that had trouble with the size of the bait. Then I missed a slightly different type of run which I'm hoping was still the same schoolie, but afterwards when sat in the chair swearing to myself, I did start to wonder.

And that was it for the next 3 hours despite baiting heavily and generally fishing well. Bit gutted if I'm honest and wished I fished the same stretch of beach as per the previous nights, but when I arrived a group of lads had set up a bonfire just a bit too close to where I wanted to fish, plus the NE wind isn't the best, and the slight drop in temperature probably won't have helped either.

If I think about it long enough I'm sure I can come up with a few more excuses.


Most bites...