Just can't find them

We all know what its like, getting ready and making plans for the next set of good tides. I get particular excited (becoming increasingly rare these days) when there is a great set of tides combined with a great time of the year. So it was with much enthusiasm I set off to hopefully take advantage and snag myself a bass or two.

Well that was the plan, but the reality was slightly different as it didn't happen for me, or for my brother in law fishing on the Island, as together we fished 8 sessions over the last 4 days or so with just one schoolie of about 1.5lb - which didn't even have the energy to run with the bait, it literately just followed the line in to the shore without any fight at all.

Yesterday was my last trip and conditions couldn't have been much better but not a touch. Bass reported on the forums seem particularly low this autumn so perhaps they will reappear a bit later. Hope so


  1. just wondering on the 20th april blog post you mentioned a rod and reel for 60 pounds which you seemed to like what where they and are you still using them.great blog by the way. from a fellow bass bait nut thankyou.

    1. Hi Greg, in answer to your question re the lure combo, it's an HTO HR 19MH rated at 5-20grams 8ft, and the reel is a Diawa Crosswire 3000. A very light set-up with a surprising amount of back bone when fighting fish. Go light with your braid and you'll really enjoy using it with soft plastics. A bit blingy on the various colours used but I soon got used to it.

    2. again thanks for the reply rod and reel sound grand like yourself I am oldschool when it comes to bass fishing john darling etc.but you have to change never taught I would ever change from my mustad b95715 hook now I use circles have to go with the flow I suppose.

  2. Hi Greg, the rod combo mentioned is used for lure fishing. For close work using soft plastics I think its astonishing value. For most of my bait fishing close in, I use the Wychwood Extricator 9ft coupled with a small Shimano 4000 freespool.
    For me its perfect for close-in bass work with big baits, and again doesn't break the bank. Thank you for the kind comments, best of luck with your ventures


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