Well it's been a while...

Isn't that the truth . Health wise I had a rough December which put paid to my fishing for the year, and then the weather, work and other stuff seemed to get in the way. However I'd remembered a lucky capture last year on the lure rod in March and bookmarked the same set of tides for this year.

Rightly or wrongly I've assumed last years early bass was one of many early arrivers, so I ditched the lure rod and decided to use a light carp rod, set-up for running ledger and a couple hours worth of rag (crab wasn't available). Well it didn't go to plan, wife's car was playing up so I nearly didn't make it which meant I was about an 1.5 hrs too late for that mark, but I carried on regardless.

Nothing happened apart from being pestered by penny crabs, but no worries I can catch tomorrows tide and make up for it.

Well that was the plan... fecking cars.


Most bites...