Reminiscence of a fool... Part 13

Occasionally someone up there takes pity on me, and I catch something!

Like a cheap coffee

October 25, 2014

Following a recent storm I was eager to get out. On arriving the sea was like the colour of cheap coffee from a roadside café, but after a couple of hours staring at motionless rods, I was starting to think that maybe it was too coloured, when bang in quick succession the following 3 bass decided to make an appearance.

The first came in at 7lb 15oz, despite juggling and standing on one leg, and was still feisty when it came for its picture to be taken.

The second weighed 4lb 15oz (what is it with the missing ounce, and does it really matter?)

And the third a good 2lb + which went straight back without a picture. It will come as no surprise that I was really keen to get out again, so on the next tide I was unbelievably into another good bass, which at just over 27″ made 8lb 3oz (added - strange due to camera angles this one looks the smallest?)

This was turning out to be a great month so I was back out for more, but that has been it. Despite 4 trips I’ve not had a touch but I’m keen to keep going while the weather holds to see if I can connect again on the next set of decent tides.

All bass were returned to provide sport for future generations


Most bites...