Playing in the sun

A tale of two trips. 

Arrived, and from my high vantage point could see bass or mullet playing in the last of the sun. Couldn't walk quick enough and soon was in position to cast out. Maybe I'm getting older, or I'm learning (!) but I avoided the temptation to thrash the water to a foam and slowly explored the area in front of me.

Frustratingly, most of the action was just beyond my casting range, but a clumsy movement from me flushed a bass close-in and to my right. My white bamboo stick was soon deployed to work its way through and over the weed that had built up in this harbour spot.

For the next hour a succession of SPs were deployed, but apart from a couple of tentative enquires and a half hearted attempt off the top, nothing. Went home excited that the bass were present, and excited about the better tide tomorrow.

Second trip. Rushed down, and the conditions were amazing. A lovely red crimson sunset silhouetting the old disused pier greeted me, but my walk to the spot failed to reveal any returning visitors. And that was how it remained for the next 2 hours. Strange how they decided not to show up but maybe they came in on the previous days tide just to enjoy the warmed water before the sun set?



Most bites...