It's been a bit quiet around here of late

Not a lot has been happening for me, and I really need a fish to reignite the passion as my mojo is really suffering this year. However, things are looking a little better and below is a copied update from me on a local forum following last weeks storm. 

After the storm I got up at silly o'clock to fish the tide over and down. Arrived to find good conditions and surprisingly very little weed. Bait, squid, was soon out exploring close in as usual.

Two hours later, and apart from maybe a couple of bream rattles nothing to report. Decided to have a few last casts, when I received a screaming run that got the old heart pumping and had me by the rod in seconds in the hope it would come back. It didn't, but it was nice to experience some sort of action after many blank hours and trips.

I expect it was just a schoolie having trouble with the double squid, but this time the long walk back wasn't quite so bad, and maybe a sign of better times to come.


Most bites...