Big baits catch big fish...

And small baits catch big and small fish. 

Myself and Rob were being pestered by what we assumed were small micro bass trying their best to take our baits. After another missed hit and run affair, I remembered a technique that I used to use years ago to catch the scoundrels.

I picked this idea up from a YouTube American catfish video when I was obsessed in finding out the best way to use circles. It's nothing revolutionary, but it involves using chunks of mackerel, rather than the traditional fillets or head and guts, and lightly hooking across the back of the chunk diagonally in order to help avoid the bait spinning in the gape and masking the hook point.

So out went the next bait and I explained to Rob what I had done, and no doubt bored him once again with my story about the YouTube video! Within a couple of minutes the line peeled from the reel, but this time it had no intention of stopping. Engaging the freespool I became attached to a bass that although wasn't huge definitely wasn't a micro bass.

The run had taken her a good 15 yards out to sea and I really enjoyed the open sea battle. On the way in she made a show of further defiance by creating a cauldron of white water trying to make her escape, but I soon had her beached and admired a well fed bass just shy of 21" to the fork. We didn't weigh her but given her condition I would say she may have made 4lb. It was lovely to see her swim back strongly.

Ten minutes later I was in again with another bass of around 2lb that punched far above its weight and then that was it for me for the night. Rob sadly was having one of those nights, which culminated in a bite right at last knockings that despite two attempts just would not commit. It had all the hallmarks of better fish as well, and Rob was still muttering about it all the way back on the way to the car.

The walk back was so uncomfortable as we were both wrapped up like Michelin men expecting it to be cold. The temperature when we finally reached the car read 12.5 degrees, no wonder we were so bloody hot. 

A great night with great company - lovely.


Most bites...