Reminiscence of a fool... Part 1

September 6, 2007

The alarm woke me up with a start, why am I doing this? It really was touch and go, but in the end I forced myself into auto mode and made my way down to the beach.

I’m glad I did, it was a beautiful morning. All my earlier thoughts were banished as I looked out across the smooth bulging sea and saw the sun just starting to show what the day held in store. With excitement I set up my carp rod with line stepped up to 12lb due to some recent losses. A small lead weight completed the outfit as I gently swung out a strip of mackerel into the quiet of the dawn.
I sat back and thought of my earlier decision, I so nearly stay in bed! What a fool, mornings like this are why we do it. Bang, without warning my rod was nearly wrenched from my hand and soon took on a satisfying bend. My last couple of trips I have missed some frustrating bites and lost some bass but this time I had no problems, and was soon admiring a bass of around 2 lb. A quick photo and returned.


What a start, the bait could only have been in for about 3 mins and was probably still slightly frozen. Everything felt great with the world! 20 minutes later I had a whole ‘stripped-down’ joey on as a bait and was watching a large shoal of mackerel working along the shore.

In the quiet of the morning I could hear the ‘fizz’ as they worked the fry on the top, and just like my last report I resisted the urge to have a go with a plug. I’m glad I did, as 5mins later, bang, and I’m into another bass. This one was a bit bigger and I could see in the gathering light it twisting and turning as it tried to make its escape. Frustratingly my batteries chose this moment to run out as it was a great specimen of about 3lb with an amazingly plump stomach.

Again like my last trip the bass had moved on quickly followed by the ever eager pollack. I kept with the large baits but no more bass action came. As I packed up the sun was already hot on my face, the earlier promise of a lovely day had come true.


Most bites...