Just a small one for me

Plans for the weekend meant that Richard would be fishing shallow water so I decided to go for deep to see how they compared. Although its still a very new theory I'm starting to think that when the big girls return in the autumn they are to be found on our shallower beaches possibly looking for a late run of crab? Would be interested if anyone else has found similar trends.

I arrived a bit later than I wanted to but was set up and fishing 1 1/2hrs before high. Water conditions looked great with a slight band of colour along the shoreline and it soon had two large mackerel baits deployed for a passing bass. However after a while I was getting that feeling, difficult to describe in print but it tends to creep up on you and suddenly you think its not going to happen.

Maybe that is why dead on high I had a smaller piece of bait on one of the rods and a rather jittery take developed. It happened while recasting the other rod and gave me time to position it back in the rest before eventually deciding to commit to taking the bait fully. On reflection I don't think it realised it was hooked as the fight was a strange affair slowly building from nothing to a good effort. Quickly unhooked at around 2lb, it was going back without a picture but it looked fantastic laying against some kelp with the light bouncing off its flank so I grabbed the camera. For those that have followed my recent saga you can imagine my disbelief when turning on it displayed 'lens error' on the screen! Removed batteries tried again and the same message.

I didn't want to leave the bass out any longer so it was returned and I sat down with a bit of a sulk, imagining how I would have felt if it had been a good one, then the camera sprang into life and decided to work... That was it for the next 3 hours as I fished the tide down, apart from our local seal who decided to make a just passing through appearance and loads of house martins having a late summer feed before setting off for sunnier climes.

When I got back I discovered that Richard fished the previous night tide and managed to get one out at just under 4lbs.


Most bites...