Freshly cast from molten silver

I've been wanting to get out for a while, but tide times and wind haven't really helped, but I had a chance last night and went for it. I don't know about you, but sometimes fishing can really sort my day out, and after a particularly frustrating day at work it was great just to sit there and slowly let the events slowly seep out.

The spot I was fishing is very tight and a recent Amazon rod purchase meant that I was able to fish with greater ease. The rod is designed for kayak use but at 6ft its ideal for where I'm fishing. I must say though I did feel slightly foolish walking to my spot hoping that no one would see me!

Around 2 hours before high I started to get a few tell tale taps from wrasse, so I scaled down hoping one would oblige for a bit of live baiting. I think they knew of my plan and remained free of my hook. Staying with a small bait, a while later I hooked into a mint schoolie of around 3/4lb. Bass of that size look like they have been freshly cast with molten silver, and this one was no exception.

Bait size was increased to a mackerel head and guts, and run after determined run followed from (I assume) bass of similar size trying to make off with the bait. Eventually I managed to hook one of around 1 3/4lb which gave a me a lively battle.

I carried on until past midnight but no further action came my way.


Most bites...