A 9.1lb beauty

I must be getting old, fished 2 tides on the trot and I'm knackered. Although in my defence it was a weed nightmare, making the fishing really difficult.

For now I've just copied and pasted my entry from a local fishing forum. Apologies for the quality of the photo, it really hasn't done the fish any justice at all.

'Two difficult trips. Last night was plagued by weed, and today was just as bad. Made it all very hard work, which was a pity as the bigger girls were out there - so had to fish at distance just to be able to keep a bait fishing, rather than my usual close-in approach.

Last night I missed a good knock which failed to develop (later when I reeled in, the bait had been removed), five minutes later Rob, who was fishing with me, then hooked into a rocket which was lost due to a hook pull just as he was about to land it. Encouraged and gutted, we both continued for another 2 hours of cast, wait for the weed, reel in, remove and start again, when I thought I felt a build up of weed before a bass tore off with the bait.

A great fight, taking line while running off in all directions, until it was ready to be beached with a helping hand from Rob. Once safe on the beach, I said to Rob 'I think this may be the one!' before the tape measure told a different story. 28" meant it was around 9.1lb, but once again I'm now wishing I had weighed her, as she looked so much bigger.

Today saw me and Rob out once again, but not a touch for over 4 hours. Starting to wonder if last night's action was all from the same fish as conditions today couldn't have been much better'.


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