The desire is still burning strong

For anyone who follows this old fool, you will have noticed that I have a burning desire to catch a bass of over 10lb from my local beaches. This desire seems to get stronger with each passing year, and this year in particular has been no exception; and just possibly I'm starting to feel the goal is getting closer.

I started bass fishing with my Dad over 40 years ago, and it was during this time I caught a bass of just over 4lb that remained my personal best for another 15 years. So what has changed, as in the last few years I've caught a few bass to 8-9lb and fish over 6lb fairly regularly? As is often the case, not a great deal. But if it helps (and this wasn't intending to be a how to post) I have found the following:

Location: There are 3 to 4 local venues that I now have confidence in when fishing through those difficult long blank sessions. Once you have found a spot, keep it quiet and fish through every tide and weather combination to build up your knowledge

Weather: I used to love those still calm nights (and still do) but its the rough weather, the type when no one wants to be out, that can really produce

Tides: I never took a lot of notice of tides, and went when I had time and thought the conditions were good. Over the years (barring one exception) I have found myself favouring those classic building big spring tides

Bait: Big sized bait of what ever you are using. When I think back to the times I fished with my Dad and how we made one mackerel last between the 2 of us for the whole night, it makes me wonder how we caught anything at all. Perhaps more importantly, what could we have caught?

Records: Not so much now, but when you start fishing a new spot you need to jot down all the variables in a diary, spread sheet or a blog. Looking back on your records you will realise how easy it is to miss or forgot a pattern that can really help

This year, once again I have booked my holidays to coincide with the best tides, so I'm off next week and can't wait. Of course it may not happen but if the fishing gods are shinning on me, you just never know.


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