Reminiscence of a fool... Part 12

No bass caught unfortunately but it was an interesting trip...

… let them eat steak

August 17, 2014

Fueled by the success of my last trip I was back out eager to try again. The wind wasn’t as strong and the conditions were if anything slightly improved. Used the 2 rods again, one out at distance and the other close in.

Fished through the previous bite spell without a touch so as the tide was approaching high, and I didn’t fancy being cut off, I made my way down the beach to a spot that would enable me to get home if I wished to.

I wasn’t settled for long when the sky to my right turned jet black and coming my way so I upped sticks again. About 10 minutes into my trek and directly above my head came the loudest clap of thunder I have heard for a very long time. I felt that I had literally jumped out of my skin and when I looked up I could see black sky directly above me - and there I was holding two eleven foot carbon conductors in my right hand!

It really was a case of head down and arse up as reached my destination in double-quick time and cast out both rods sitting as far away from them as possible. I kept thinking of the recent episode of the Jeremy Wade fishing show when the camera man was hit by lightning. Fortunately there was no further thunder or lightening but it absolutely poured down. From nowhere a lady walking her dog appeared and asked ‘have you caught anything?’ after a short chat she left but then turned around with rain pouring down her face and said, ‘if they don’t eat fish tonight let them eat steak.’

Over high I was plagued by (I assume) small bass and if I had gone down a hook size I’m sure they would have been the culprits. I did miss one good run due to the hook point being masked by the mackerel fillet, annoying as for some reason it felt like it was a good-un.

Later as the wind dropped, I watched a small shoal of bass playing in the waves, at times they were acting more like dolphins as they skimmed the top of the water, most entertaining and something I've never witnessed before. I wanted to stay on longer but I had run out of bait so I packed away and made the now short walk back to the car.

Now what shall we have for tea?


Most bites...